Choreo Bootcamp with Korke & Judith

SHOW CHOREO BOOTCAMP mit Korke & Judith:
Thursday, April 5: 3h training with Korke & Judith approx 18:00h-21:00h
Friday, April 6: 3h training on Friday with Korke & Judith approx 12:00-15:00h
Saturday, April 7: 1h Showtraining on Stage  with Korke & Judith approx. 18:00h
Saturday April 7:  SHOWTIME approx. 00:00h on the MAJOR STAGE with Korke & Judith
Participation on the Show is of course optional!

Price: 250€ per Person

Minimum 7 Couples
Maximum 12 Couples

Registration till December 31.12.2017 directly @ tony(at)
Single Registrations are possible but we will need an equal number of Men and women!


1) Bailadoro / Switzerland:
The Korke & Judith Certified Teachers already brought & prepared 3 Korke & Judith Choreo Bootcamps! The offer preparation sessions with the Choreo Videos provided by Korke & Judith. This will empower you to be much better prepared for the Choreo-Bootcamp and of course if you want to make a great performance on stage with Korke & Judith:

More info:
City: Wettingen, Schweiz
CONTACT us for more information!

2) Stuttgart:

A 1 day training camp can be organized in Stuttgart. If you’re interested please let us know!